About Us


Healthy Dimensions is a nurse owned and operated continuing education firm begun by several nurses with many years experience in the clinical, management, and administrative areas of health care. Established to meet the various continuing education needs of the professional healthcare community, Healthy Dimensions strives to offer quality, cost efficient educational programs that build upon the participant’s field of practice. Although initially organized to present general health and wellness programs, Healthy Dimensions now also focuses on courses that promote wellness and education during the childbearing years. The comprehensive, dynamic programs include seminars on childbirth education, breastfeeding education and teacher training. The implementation of the Certificate Programs was devised with the intent to provide various opportunities to healthcare professionals interested in caring for the woman and her family during the childbearing years.

We co-provide our Childbirth Education Programs with Nursing Spectrum, an RN-led communications company that promotes the recognition and support of the nursing community nationwide. Together, our interactive learning environment gives the healthcare professional greater access to dynamic learning experiences, expert lecturers and additional networking opportunities. We would be pleased to offer a program at your site!

Our primary goal is to deliver superior educational programs to satisfy the diverse needs of the various clients we serve. We understand and acknowledge that with the many changes existing in the health care environment today, education will need to be provided in new and challenging ways. In the implementation of these programs, we realize the importance of cost containment and the best utilization of resources. Our focus is you. Open communication is paramount in mutually achieving our goals.

Healthy Dimensions seeks to provide the RN, LPN, PT, or other allied health professional with a comprehensive continuing education or certificate program in childbirth education, pre and postnatal fitness, or breastfeeding that emphasizes the importance of support and education in preparation for the birth experience. Values of the expectant family and diversity in culture are incorporated in the foundation of this program.

Healthy Dimensions was established to meet the many educational needs of the community. We strive to deliver high quality education in a cost effective manner by providing the tools, professional expertise and support the client needs. Entrenched in basic core values, the corporation is committed to fulfilling its philosophy with integrity and experience, while helping to shape the future of education within health care. As a provider of educational specialties, our mission is to ensure high quality outcomes by setting high standards with those we serve. We work together to achieve our company’s objectives and we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to the many challenges we encounter.


* CCE – Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (ALACE)
* American Fitness Professional and Associates.