PGT was launched on June 24 2010, to provide gamers information on eSports. With PGT we aim to answer gamers questions, such as: What is an eSport? What games are eSports? How much money is in eSports? What eSport pays the most? How much do gamers earn? How do I get into eSports? Where do I find tournaments?

The eSport Rankings ranks games based on accumulated tournament prize pools. The highest ranked eSport has the highest total cash prize pools since 2010. To learn more read the eSport Ranking FAQ.


The Team

Trevor Somerville (Owner) - eSport enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. Fan of everything eSports. (Twitter - @TrevorPGT)

Aman ‘Cyn1c’ Parmar (Lead Writer) – eSports enthusiast and writer from New Delhi, India. Worked for several gaming, technology & eSports portals and continues to write hardware and game reviews. Favorite games – Dota 2, Quake 3 Arena, Hitman Series, Counter Strike 1.6, Ghost Recon Series, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, QuakeLive,  StarCraft 2, Portal, Civilization 5 & Dawn of War series. (Twitter – @Cyn1cPGT)

Sonny Go (StarCraft 2 Lead Writer) – Freelance writer based in Manila, Philippines. Focused on video games and other interactive media, as well as eSports and competitive gaming. Avid StarCraft II player and enthusiast who follows the eSports scene. A fan of many games like first person shooters, role playing games and other games. (Twitter – @Avoiderdragon)

Sean “SMCrotty” Crotty (League of Legends Lead Writer) – US freelancer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Absolute fan of LoL and follower of the eSports industry. Favorite Games – LoL, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft. (Twitter – @SMCrotty)

Sato Negishi (Lead Fighting Writer/ Dota 2 Writer) – Japanese gaming journalist with vast knowledge and experience in all things gaming. Covers events and tournaments of various scenes, everything from EVO to The International. Avid player of fighter games and much more. (Twitter – @Extagia)

Borislav “bby” Stoev (DotA 2 Lead Writer) - Freelance writer, currently living in Bulgaria. eSports enthusiast and huge DotA2 fan. Getting interviews from interesting eSport related people anytime. (Twitter -  @s7ubborn)

All the lead writers of an eSport have been part of the site for over 6 months. The lead writer of the site elected by his peers is Aman Parmar who has been writing for ProGamingTours since January 2012. We all work together to build a better website.


Features in Development

eSport Calendar

  • Tracks tournaments and individual matches – The calendar will have two options one for showing when tournaments start and stop the other for showing individual matches for those tournaments.
  • 100% automated – We strive to automate as much as possible utilizing the database to the fullest extent. When a tournament is added to the site the dates are automatically added to the calendar. When match details are added to a tournament they are automatically added to the calendar.
  • Compatible with all eSports – This includes: StarCraft 2, DotA 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Quake Live, Call of Duty. Any game that has one or more tournament in the database will be on the eSport calendar.
  • Filters - With each tournament and match for all eSports there is a ton of data to sort through. Our calendar will allow you to find schedules by eSport, prize pool min / max, location, tournament/event name, organizer, team, player.
  • Follow your favorite teams and players – Using the filters makes it easy to find the tournaments and individual matches your favorite player and team will be playing in. This is an important feature and after release of the eSport Calendar will be developed further with community input.


Reaction Trainer

  • RTS Mode – This mode will aim to improve basic mechanics for StarCraft and similiar games by familiarizing gamers with the use of hot keys to navigate the mini map and quickly take control of the situation. This mode aims to improve APM getting gamers to react faster consistently.
  • DotA Mode - Map awareness. Stand in lane killing creeps, don’t miss any and watch out for ganks! This mode is to teach the multitasking required to last hit while watching the mini map for missing enemies.
  • Pro Mode - Are you a pro gamer? Can you play RTS, FPS, DotA games winning each one? Do you have 150 ms reaction time, over 300 APM? This mode is for you! It combines RTS, DotA and FPS modes into one.  Once RTS and DotA modes have been added the pro mode will provide pro gamers a real challenge. Unlike the original modes pro mode is not for beginners or intermediates it is for those with 150 ms reaction times and 300 apm.


  • Franchise Pages – Evil Geniuses, Counter Logic Gaming and other franchises. These pages will have a description with automatically updated rosters for each team, show each teams earnings and show the total earnings of the franchise.
  • PGT iPhone / Android App – This app will have a custom designed match ticker. It won’t be a calendar and it won’t be the match ticker you see on the side bar it will be built to allow you to search all games and matches with 1-2 click interface. The app will also allow you to find your reaction time, look up tournaments and check out the eSport rankings.

We have ideas on how to build the site up for years and as more people use the site they will bring even more great ideas. There is no finish line with www.ProGamingTours.net, it will always be better from one week to the next.