Oct 172013

As ‘LD’ said on his facebook account:  “This is one of the biggest patches I’ve ever seen in my 9+ years of playing Dota” And indeed it is! This update will bring really big changes to the competitive scene, as well as bringing big changes to some of the heroes. The neutral camps will be changed as well, as well as many other epic stuff. Take your time and read it.

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Diretide 2013 Happening in 3 Weeks?

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Oct 092013

Will there be a Diretide this year starting October 30th? When you go to Diretide’s page on Dota 2 Wiki you will find the following sentence:

“Diretide is an annual Dota 2 event starting October 30th.”

This is not confirmed anywhere, but we will know for sure in 3 weeks. Let me tell you a little more about this event for the new players that haven’t played it yet and for the ones that didn’t play it as much during last year.

Here we don’t talk about Defense of the Ancients. It is more likely – defense of the bag with sweets that each team has (which is placed where ancient creeps spawn). Your goal is to collect more sweets than the enemy team and put them in your basket. You get taffy from Roshlings (which spawn in the lanes), from some neutral creeps, and from the enemy basket. Getting to the enemy’s basket is the hardest part, but it can bring you lots of sweets and reduce enemy’s bounty. You should keep in mind that enemies can teleport to their basket and if they kill you while you still got taffies in your inventory, that are not delivered to your basket, you will lose all of them and the enemy team will be able to pick them again and put them in their basket. You do this for 20 minutes as you get plenty of gold – farming doesn’t matter that much and the team that has more sweets in the basket wins. In the meantime Roshan will wake up and will randomly target a hero, asking him for a taffy. If the targeted hero doesn’t have one in his inventory Roshan will simply kill him. This is why you should have at least 1 piece of candy with you so you can give it to Roshan when he decides to hunt you down.

After these 20 minutes the Radiant and the Dire will combine forces and try to slay Roshan. This won’t be your average Roshan though. He has 150 000 health and spells. He fires Sunstrikes on each hero at different intervals of time, which deal massive damage and has something like Shiva’s that will push you back, deal you a lot of damage and you will be disabled for ~1 second.

To make things more competitive, there was a hall of fame where the ones that managed to take down Roshan the fastest were listed for the rest of the world to feed the jelly monster.

We shouldn’t forget that there were Greevil Eggs being given out and when you collected essences you were able to infuse them and create couriers. There were also plenty of cosmetic items being won by the ones playing this mod.

egg full with essences
So will there be a Diretide 2013? Will it be the same as Diretide 2012? We can’t be sure about the answers to these questions. What we know for sure is that October 30th is getting closer and the dream of many traders and many fans of the extraordinary mod may come true very soon.

Dota 2 official Diretide 2012 video:
Purge playing Diretide: