Team VeryGames Ceases Operations

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Dec 312013

After a long run in the world of counter-strike and with several accolades to their name, Team VeryGames have decided to cease operations due to lack of financial means to sustain.

Direct Google Translation of the Official Post  by Johann Thiesson (Président et Fondateur/President & Founder) on Team VeryGames Website.

After five years of existence, five years at the top level against all odds , five years to go around the world and worthily represent their sponsors , five years to make our hearts beat , the Team VeryGames association will cease his activity the end of December 2013.

It is a sad news for all of us as the adventure, the people and the professionalism it brought about was amazing. An adventure that will bring, I hope to all those who are committed , fun, and an experience that will benefit them. I want to thank all those who worked to make this adventure possible , especially the staff and players.

The sole reason for the end of Team VeryGames is the lack of financial means. We invested tens of thousands of dollars on this team and in the upcoming year 2014 , the ambitions of the team have sky rocketed this budget to triple of what it is now. Team VeryGames Association will not be able to cover it. We have not been able to evolve fast enough for that.

The 2013 season is not over , there are several tournaments spans , and I hope with all my heart that the stars of the team shine until the end .

This end of the structure does not mean the end of the team. Motivation seems always there, and I hope that the team continues its momentum with a new structure to continue to have fun and to make us dream!

Team VeryGames

Jérôme niak SudriesSo had the following to add:

So much to say … unforgettable memories , meetings , trips … An experience that has allowed me to mature … These are the first thoughts that come to mind .

At the balance sheet, I think we can be proud of the things we have been able to accomplish together. But what is often forgotten is that the success of a team is not due to the talent of its players. The environment is important and we had the chance to work in an atmosphere of trust and security throughout the last 4 years.

Team VeryGames has been a driving force for us and even beyond, for many competitors in France . Without this project , we will not be here … That’s why I want to thank Johann who put a lot of heart and means to take us far.

Thank you to the players and the many volunteers who have passed through our ranks , thank you to the staff VeryGames , thank you to Razer and Drew for their confidence and of course thank you to everyone who supported us … The adventure is not over yet, we still need you ;) VG GO !

Finally, the highly decorated captain of the team  Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans stated the following:

A statement is much too short to summarize everything that I have to say … so I will do an interview for this with great pleasure.

But to make it shorter, I will keep this cooperation a memory of good understanding , work and success. Team VeryGames brought us a lot, both for me  and my teammates but also to the French scene.

Thank you for being a pillar of the CS scene because it is certain that the French scene would not be what it is today without you.

Thank you for having made the daring choice to trust us in 2009 … It has boosted us, and I will have the opportunity to thank you for many other things when you give me the word.

Team VeryGames is a staff , a team … But it is Johann Thiesson who is behind it all. He wanted to bring something new by creating the first pro team in French CS, bring a certain maturity and professionalism … Thank you for everything.

As it stands, what this means is that the team will continue to play but not under the VeryGames banner and will soon be looking for a new organization that has the financial means to sustain itself and all the expenses of the team.

Here’s the team’s career story in a nutshell under the VeryGames Banner:

Created October 22, 2008

Location 75012 Paris, France

Affiliation Team VeryGames

Kévin ‘Ex6TenZ’ DROOLANS (Capitain)
Richard ‘shox’ PAPILLON
Edouard ‘SmithZz’ DUBOURDEAUX
Loïc ‘RegnaM’ PERON (Backup)Managed by Jérôme ‘NiaK’ S.

Awards Season 20102nd MaxLan 2009 (Epinal, France)
2nd DreamHack Winter 2009 (Jonkoping, Sweden)
1st ESL Pro Series VII (Paris, France)
1st redLine night cup 1 (Online, France)
1st Gamers-Assembly 2010 (Futuroscope, France)
1st PxL LAN 26 (Arles, France)
1st Lan79 Gamers Institute (Bressuire, France)
1st ESL Pro Series VIII (Paris, France)
1st DSRackLAN 2 (Slangerup, Danemark)
1st ESL Major Series VI (Online, European)
1st Thermaltake Online Qualifer (Online, United Kingdom)
1st Insomnia40 (Newbury, United Kingdom)
1st Masters Français du Jeu Video (Paris, France)
1st DSRackLAN 3 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
1st ESL Pro Series IX (Paris, France)
2nd ESL Major Series VII (Online, European)1st Cadred’s European CSS Rankings (June, July, August, September, October, November, December)Season 20111st EPSILAN 6 (Lyon, France)
2nd MaxLAN (Epinal, France)
1st Copenhagen Games (Copenhagen, Denmark)
1st NeXeN 2011 (Tourcoing, France)
1st ESL Major Series VIII (Online, European)
1st ESL Pro Series X (Paris, France)
1st Masters Français du Jeu Video (Lille, France)
1st Insomnia43 (Telford, United Kingdom)
1st Electronic Sports World Cup (Paris, France)
1st Insomnia44 (Telford, United Kingdom)Counter-Strike:Source World Champions
1st Cadred’s European CSS Rankings (Every months)Season 2012

1st Spirit LAN 9 (Segré, France)
1st ESL Major Series IX (Online, European)
1st PxL LAN 33 (Arles, France)
9/12th Copenhagen Games (Copenhagen, Denmark)
1st Insomnia45 (Telford, United Kingdom)

1st Cadred’s European CSS Rankings (January, February, March)