Arteezy Leaves Kaipi

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Aug 152013

One of the most talented mid players in North America – Arteezy has confirmed his departure from Kaipi. In a screenshot taken from his Twitch channel, the young player cited academics as his reason for departure. His best years in DotA2 are yet to come as he has already won the “God” title inside the community – A-God. Team Kaipi had recently parted ways with ComeWithMe stating attitude problems and SingSing (QPAD Red Pandas) player has been playing for Kaipi since then. He is most likely going to take the middle position now, after Arteezy has left. All that the team needs right now is a support to replace ComeWithMe. There are already speculations about Jerax (ex-member of QPAD Red Pandas) joining the team, but Wagamama (another ex-member of QPAD) is also a possibility according to the community.

Kaipi’s recent results have been good including a second place finish in The Defense Season 4 and two first places namely EIZO CUP #6 and BigPoint Battle #6. They managed to take a game from Na’Vi and even secured a 2-0 win over TI3 winners Alliance. The team has a lot of talented players and has a lot of potential. EternalEnvy with his cheeky strategies, bone7 with his amazing offlane play, pieliedie’s  great support and now SingSing’s addition to the squad might just be what they need to get things on the fast track. They are starting to work better as a team and will look forward to get sponsored.

Arteezy’s play in the game that they won vs Na’Vi

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