PGTL 2014 Overview

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Mar 012014

Pro Gaming Tours League (PGTL) 2014 for DotA 2 will have over $5,000 USD in cash prizes.

The PGTL for 2014 is broken into 8 monthly tournaments each with their own qualifier and $300 first place prize. After the 8 monthly tournaments the top 16 teams, 2 from each month will battle it out in the $3,000 grand prize finals.

april overview

The league structure will encourage rivalries between teams. Already Cede Nullis and Rare Candy have met in the February finals, both teams skip the March qualifier and may play again in the March finals for another chance to win $300.

Rivalries build month to month to be settled in the grand finals where the best teams compete for thousands in cash prizes.

The $300 for each month and $3,000 for grand finals are all guaranteed cash prizes. Our goal for the grand finals is to increase our $3,000 prize through sponsors, ticket sales and donations to $10,000 before the end of the year.

The league is intended for amateur and semi-pro teams. The qualifiers are free and open to all teams who have won less than $5,000 total cash prizes. A team can win up to two monthly tournaments prior to the grand finals. All matches will be played online.


PGTL Free Registration

To register create an account with the site, once logged in create your team page and add your current roster.  Once that is done email the link to your team’s page to


PGTL March


Our March qualifier has begun with the top 16 teams advancing to the playoff starting Friday March 21st and finishing Sunday March 23rd. Visit the PGTL March tournament page for more details.