PGTL April Results

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Apr 272014

The third monthly tournament has finished! Congratulations to the winning team No EarthSpirit.

No EarthSpirit first entered the PGTL through the March qualifiers and won every game up to the finals where they defeated Boss Nagas 2-0.

In the April BO3 finals No EarthSpirit played against Vas’Avi with a 25:17 minute victory in game one putting Vas’Avi on the defensive.


In game 2 Vas’Avi went for an early game line-up of: Axe, Dazzle, Doom, Jakiro and Clinkz to take an early 10,000 gold lead against No EarthSpirit 20 minutes into the game.

The stage was set for a Vas’Avi victory but No EarthSpirit had other plans and in the first team fight despite the 10,000 gold disadvantage aced Vas’Avi slowly bringing the game in their favour winning 28-16 at the 33:59 mark.


No EarthSpirit is the only team to win two monthly tournaments a total of $600. They have earned platinum status a favourite to win the Grand Finals at the end of the year where they will play for $3,500+ USD prize pool.

In addition to the $300 prize No EarthSpirit won the second and third teams Vas’Avi and TOP5 qualified for the Grand Finals. Full April playoff bracket results below:

PGTL April Bracket

PGTL April Results

1st No EarthSpirit won $300

2nd Vas’Avi qualified for grand finals

3rd TOP5 qualified for grand finals