PGTL March

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Mar 232014

The PGTL NA Dota 2 March tournament playoff took place March 21st to 23rd.


14 Teams competed in PGTL March to determine who would take the $300 winner take all prize and two qualifier spots to the PGTL 2014 grand finals with $3,000+ prize pool.

The March tournament commentated by GrandisV and Toffees sold 500 ticket bundles. The majority of sales (70%) goes to Valve and some to the developers of the HUD adding approximately $300 to the grand final prize pool which now sits at $3,500 USD.

With six more monthly tournaments we aim to reach our goal of a $10,000 for our grand finals prize pool. You can help by registering your team for free in our April tournament or buy our April tournament ticket and by sharing our website and league on social sites and with friends.


PGTL March Results

There was an upset when the favourites to win Cede Nullis lost to No Earthspirit who took an early lead and dominated throughout the game. Once Cede Nullis was defeated nothing stood in their way and they charged through the finals defeating Bag of Chips Pepproni 2-0. The bracket and prize pool results are below:


PGTL March Bracket

PGTL March Results

1. No Earthspirit $300

2. Bag of Chips Pepproni


PGTL 2014 Overview