Mar 172014

Here is what happened in the DreamLeague game between and rox.KIS that has just ended.

Here is the chat log after player Adrian ‘FATA‘ Trinks has already left the game
fata misslick

However, what happened is thatFATA miss-skilled as a Shadow Fiend and levelled ‘Presence of the Dark Lord’ at level one. In the meantime the rox.KIS team were already in the Rosh pit.

Here is their positioning in the same time:
rox kis in the rosh pit



Then they remaked the game. VOD (in russian)

Here is a tweet from Sebastien ’7ckngMad’ Debs:


Bruno from the DreamLeague studio commented that they are still investigating this and will come with a position on this later.
What do you think that they should do?

PS: Here is a reddit statement from regarding the situation.