The International 4

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Apr 302014

Valve’s biggest Dota 2 tournament and the community’s most anticipated event kicks off on 12th May with the regional qualifiers. The details have been revealed by Valve and here’s an encapsulation of the same.


The International 2014 has been announced by Valve along with the details of all the regional qualifiers, teams and direct invites. This year, the venue has been switched over from Benaroya Hall to the KeyArena at Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington. The event will kick off on July 18th with top teams from around the world battling it out for the aegis of the champions trophy and prize money that’s most likely going to be higher than the combined (Valve + Community funding) $2.8 million.

The following teams have received direct invitations:

TI4 Invites


The teams that have not secured direct invites will be required to battle it out in regional qualifiers vs. 9 other teams. The Qualifier format will work as follows:

  • In the first phase, each team will play every other team once to determine which teams make it to the next phase.
  • The top four teams will advance and the other six will be eliminated.
  • The second phase will be a double elimination best of three format with the 1st and 2nd place teams starting in the upper bracket and 3rd and 4th in the lower bracket.
  • Each Regional Grand Finals will be a best of five match.

TI4 Qualifiers


Here’s a list of teams that will be going through the qualifying stage. Bear in mind that some of these teams are pro-level but have had somewhat dismal performances lately. The others are semi-pro teams that have been competing in various online leagues including our very own PGTL.

The Regional Qualifiers


It’s worth noting that LGD China’s B-team, LGD.CDEC will also be taking part in the qualifier along with LGD Gaming’s main team. Since the top finishers from each qualifier will head forward, having two teams is what more organizations might look into in the near future. Meanwhile in the EU qualifier, RoX.KIS and Team Dog seem to the favorites to move out to the next phase given their current form and recent string of performances relative to other names. SEA qualifier would be quite interesting with names like Orange, Zephyr, Scythe, Mineski and First Departure along with the Korean underdogs MVP Phoenix. In the Americas division, Team Liquid won’t have an easy time with up and coming teams like No Earthspirit and eHug. Sneaky Nyx Assassins might also have a good chance of making it through as two of ex-Team Liquid pros are part of the core roster.

The format and the list of teams has made these qualifiers all the more interesting with both new and old names in the mix. The Qualifiers begin on 12th May beginning with the Americas division and finishing off on the 27th of May with the European division. The prize pool has not yet been released and the compendium for the event is expected any time within this week or the next. The community is quite upbeat about the event and we might as well end up seeing a new world record for the highest prize pool at a single event in the history of eSports, yet again!

Source: Dota2 Official

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  1. Prize pool is skyrocketing,so pleased to see this.