eSport Rankings FAQ


What are the eSport Rankings?

An automated ranking based on community submitted tournaments verified by moderators. Gamers who want to go professional can use these rankings to tell what games are the most popular and best paying eSports. The eSport reviews add depth to the rankings allowing gamers to choose a game that fits their style.


How do I add a Tournament?

Anyone can add tournaments to share with the community for any game. Create a free account and go to the tournaments page and click the “Create Tournament” button.

Creating a tournament includes a bracket, group and league generator with embed features making it easy to share with the community for free, without advertisements.


Where do you get the total cash prize pool for the eSports you list?

The total cash prize pool listed on the eSport Rankings page is the total amount of prizes from our tournament database. All tournaments are approved to verify accuracy before added to the rankings. All tournaments used can be seen on the tournaments page of the website along with a link to the source.


What is the purpose of the eSport Rankings?

To provide gamers information on different games by comparing each title’s quality and contribution to competitive gaming. While gaming is fun some games offer better competition and the chance to earn a living.


How far back do the eSport Rankings reach?

The eSport rankings begin when we launched the site in 2010. We relaunched the website in July 2013 to include bracket, group, league and prize pool information for each tournament.

We are still in the process of re-adding ~1,000 tournaments which took place  prior 2013 with the additional information. For all tournaments with bracket, group, league and prize pool information currently in the database visit the tournaments page or eSport graph.