Jan 222014

A list of facts about Twitch.TV’s growth throughout 2013.



Twitch.TV 2013 Top 10 Facts

1. In 2013 Twitch.TV claimed the title #1 video website in the world for gaming. A report by comScore shows Twitch.TV is far ahead of any of its competitors:

According to comScore’s October Video Metrix report for Games and Gaming Information, Twitch has both the largest audience and the most-engaged users among all sites catering to the video game audience. This is reflected in an array of statistics. Compared to its nearest competitor, Twitch boasts more than ten times the amount of videos created, more than five times more videos watched per viewer, and five times more minutes watched per viewer.” (Source – BusinessWire)

2.  There was 200 million hours of video watched every month, double the amount from 2012.

3. Throughout 2013 Twitch.TV integration has been added to NVIDIA GeForce Experience, Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The integration also extended to mobile devices.


4. Twitch.TV reached 45,000,000 unique viewers in a month, more than double visitors per month in 2012.

5.  The average time watched per user increased by a half hour from 85 minutes a day in 2012, to 106 minutes a day in 2013.

6.  Twitch.TV has partnered with 5100 channels out of the 950,000 total broadcasters. One of the channels Twitch has partnered with is:


 One man on a quest to finish every game worth a damn

MANvsGAME, one of the most popular channels on Twitch.TV with 27 million channel views.

7. Over 100 game developers use Twitch.TV, the largest is Riot who published the most played game in the world League of Legends.

8. Twitch.TV helped gamers raise millions of dollars for charity in 2013.  Speed Demos Archive (SDA) one of the largest contributors donated 100% of their stream revenue a total of over $255,000 USD to the charity Doctors Without Boarders.

9. With eSports on the rise Twitch.TV is a direct sponsor and supporter for nearly every competitive gaming community. The largest eSports tournaments of 2013 were all broadcast on Twitch.TV:

The combined total prize pools of these and other tournaments broadcast on Twitch.TV throughout 2013 reaches over ten million dollars.

10. Two of the most popular games on Twitch.TV more than doubled in minutes watched:

  • League of Legends minutes watched per month grew 250% over 2012.
  • DotA 2 minutes watched per month grew 500% over 2012.

Twitch.TV is one of the largest contributors to the recent growth of eSports and continues to support the community through its channel partnerships, tournament sponsorships and scholarship awards.


Source: Twitch.TV 2013 Retrospective