2nd TOPANGA League A: Round 11 Recap

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Sep 252012

Now that the 2nd TOPANGA League A is at the midway point of the Third Stage, things are definitely picking up as Japan’s top Street Fighter IV players compete for the title.


Round 11 match ups

1. Umehara (Ryu) vs. Uryo (Sakura)

2. Kazunoko (Yun) vs. Bon-chan (Sagat)

3. Uryo (Sakura) vs. Sako (Ibuki)

4. Kazunoko (Yun) vs. Fuudo (Fei Long)

5. Umehara (Ryu) vs. Bon-chan (Sagat)

The first match up of the day was between Daigo (Ryu) against the Sakura specialist, Uryo (Sakura). Umehara started out with the advantage but lost the first match against Uryo, after a rare input mistake by Daigo in the first round. The following two games were close 2-1 games in favor of Daigo, where we saw Uryo playing a bit too risky and falling for several Daigo shoryukens. Umehara finished the last round of his 2nd win with an impressive FADS HK to throw Uryo off his game. Uryo followed up by taking advantage of a few Daigo misses as well, while winning three games in a row against The Beast, to make the score 4-3 in his favor. Daigo then won another two close games, in which we noticed that he has adjusted his game as he became more comfortable facing Uryo’s EX DP. Uryo took the next game with little trouble but Daigo would go on to win the next 5 out of 6 to finish the series at a 10-6 score for the win.

In the next game, we saw Bon-chan (Sagat) up against Kazunoko (Yun). Kazunoko had the early momentum as he defeated Bon-chan in two 2-0 games to have the 3-0 lead (Including the advantage.) Kazunoko would fight back and win two close games, including one that could’ve gone either way for his second win, where he performed a clutch grab move to finish. The two would trade off a series of three wins, although Kazunoko’s wins were closer games compared to Bon-chan’s, the score was 6-5 in favor of Kazunoko. Things got pretty intense as the two traded wins and losses for the next four games as the score got closer to 10 for kazunoko at 8-7. Bon-chan managed to tie it in the next game with an impressive reaction You Hou. Kazunoko easily won his 9th game but lost the series closer after an unfortunate hit-confirm miss. For the first time of the Third Stage, the series was in a deuce. Bon-chan started where he left off and won the first deuce game by a 2-0 score but was a little careless in the first game when he gave away a random DP to make it 1-1 in the deuce. This wouldn’t be an issue in the end, as Bon-chan won the next two to win the series by a 12-10 score.

Game 3 was between old friends and rivals in Sako (Ibuki) and Uryo (Sakura). The two players are very evenly matched in terms of skill, as they exchanged wins for the first 7 games with Sako on top at 4-3. In his 4th win, Sako amazed with his various Ibuki combos but the rounds were still very close as Uryo won the 2nd round with virtually no life remaining. Sako would be the first to break the pattern after winning the next game which also included a perfect against Uryo in the last round of the 2-1 win. The break in pattern would not change much of the flow of the series, as the two traded wins once again for the next 4 games, which were mostly close ones. Sako once again broke the pattern and won another game to make the score 8-5, in favor of Sako. Just as it started to look like Sako would take the series, Uryo won the next three games to tie it up at 8-8. Uryo came close to getting his 9th win in the following game as he won the first round but then lost the next two after several random DPs which lost him the edge. He made it up for it as he won the next game to send the series to a deuce. Uryo started the deuce with a bang after getting a perfect in the first round and taking the game. Sako would take advantage of Uryo’s random DP to take the next and almost took the following game but barely lost in round 3. Uryo’s aggressive play and random DPs would haunt him as he would lose the next to tie the deuce at 2-2. Uryo would go on to win the next game but followed by three defeats in a row to lose the deuce and series by a 14-12 score.

The 4th game was between Kazunoko (Yun) against Fuudo (Fei Long), which would end up being the most lopsided series of the round. Kazunoko started on the 2P side and also with the advantage lead but Fuudo was clearly the better player of the series as he impressed and won an amazing seven games in a row! Most of the games were rather straight forward with Fuudo being a step ahead of Kazunoko and anticipated most of his moves. Kazunoko would finally get his first played win to make it 7-2 but it was too late as Fuudo would go on to win the next three games, all by 2-0 scores to finish the series at 10-2. Fuudo’s quick reactions was a great factor in negating many Kazunoko attacks.

The 5th and final game of the round was between Daigo Umehara (Ryu) and Bon-chan (Sagat). The first game was a close one, where we saw Bon-chan barely win with just a few pixels of health in the 2nd round but Daigo would go on to take the last round and first win. Bon-chan fought back in the next game and won it by a 2-0 score when Daigo missed on a chance to win by chip damage in the last round. The next game was another really close game in the last round, where we almost saw a huge Bon-chan come back but he couldn’t finish the remaining pixels left on Daigo’s life bar. Daigo was up by 3-1 in the serie sand would extend it after winning the next 3 of 4 very close games, as the score was then 6-2 in favor of Umehara. Bon-chan would show some life in the next few games and won 4 of 5 to close the gap at 7-6 in favor of Daigo. The next 3 or 4 games (which featured many close moments) would go to Daigo to complete his 10 points to win it at a 10-7 score.


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