2nd TOPANGA League A: Round 12 Finale Recap

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Sep 272012

The 2nd TOPANGA League A Round 12 is going to be the last round to determine who will finish on top of the league for the crown. Currently, Fuudo is on top with a 3-0 record and an amazing +20 GD but Umehara is right behind in 2nd place, also with a 3-0 record and a +9 GD. Who will win the grand prize?


Round 12 match ups

1. Fuudo (Fei Long) vs. Bon-chan (Sagat)

2. Umehara (Ryu) vs. Sako (Ibuki)

3. Bon-chan (Sagat) vs. Uryo (Sakura)

4. Kazunoko (Yun) vs. Sako (Ibuki)

5. Umehara (Ryu) vs. Fuudo (Fei Long)

The first match of the final round was between the leading Fuudo (Fei Long) against Bon-chan (Sagat). The game started out with much intensity as Fuudo won the first game, albeit a very close one. Bon showed that he has what it takes to keep up with the best as he took the next game by a 2-0 score. The next game was won by Fuudo, 2-0, but he struggled to get that 2nd round win due to Bon-chan’s persistent Sagat attacks. In the following game, Bon had another chance to win but had a crucial FADC Ultra miss in the 2nd round, which could’ve won him the game but eventually lost in a close third round. Things continued looking pretty even between the two as Bon took the next game with a nice EX DP that beat Fuudo’s chip attempt. Fuudo won the next two games by 2-0 scores after taking advantage of a couple Bon-chan misses and landing the punish. The score was now 6-2 in favor of Fuudo. The two traded wins for the next 4 games, making it 8-4 in Fuudo’s favor. Bon was still motivated to win as he won his 5th game but Fuudo finished off the series by taking the next two, in some more close games. The final score was 10-5 for Fuudo.

Match 2 featured Umehara (Ryu) against Sako (Ibuki). Daigo started with the advantage but Sako managed to take three wins in a row in very close games. Sako also managed to get a perfect on Umehara in the 1st round of his third win to help him gain the 3-1 lead. Daigo followed up by going ‘Beast Mode’ and won the next 4 games, all 2-1 and were pretty close ones which included some big comebacks from both players and a FADC Metsu finish in the fourth win to make the score 5-3 for Umehara. Sako won the next game to close the gap but Daigo won the following with a Super Hadouken finish. Sako won two games after, including a rare feat of getting a perfect against Daigo, to tie the score at 6-6. Daigo won the next two games in which Sako missed an Ultra punish in the first game and Daigo finished the second one with a nice FADC Metsu. Sako kept the momentum shifting after winning the following two games and thus tying it once again at 8-8. Umehara won the next game to be just a game short of taking the series, but Sako also won his 9th game to send it to deuce. The first deuce game was very intense and as close as it gets, with Daigo barely losing it in the 3rd round. Sako then won the next won to take the two game lead in the deuce and won the series by an 11-9 score.

The 3rd match up between Bon-chan (Sagat) and Uryo (Sakura) was the most lopsided of the round, stage and perhaps the entire 2nd TOPANGA League A tournament. Bon-chan started with the advantage and followed by winning four 2-0 games in a row. Uryo managed to take a round in the following game but lost it 1-2 and proceeded to lose the next three by 0-2 scores. He won his next and only round after in his 10th lost by a 1-2 score. Bon-chan played with an incredibly aggressive style, but it always seemed like he was two or three steps ahead, as everything went his way. It was such an incredible display of skill and reading, that it almost seemed as if it was all staged. Bon-chan wouldn’t end up in the top 3 of the round, regardless of the +10 GD performance, but he definitely finished the tournament in the best note possible.

Match 4 was between Kazunoko (Yun) and Sako (Ibuki). This match up was also another very lopsided one in favor of Kazunoko, although most of the matches were a lot closer compared to the Bon-Uryo series. Kazunoko took the first two games by 2-1 scores, the two games were pretty close for the most part with Kazunoko being the better finisher. He then completely dominated hfor his 3rd win by a 2-0 score then had a little more trouble winning the next three games (All by 2-1 scores). It’s not that Sako was playing terribly but things weren’t going his way and Kazunoko really limited him to what he could and couldn’t do. Kazunoko kept the streak going by winning the next two games by a 2-0 and a 2-1 score. Just as he was about to follow Bon-chan to a perfect sweep, Sako won his first game to make it 9-1 after both players were down to almost no lives in the 3rd round. Sako fought back and got his 2nd win of the series but it was too late as Kazunoko got his 10th which included a perfect in his 2-0 win. Kazunoko took the series by a 10-2 score.

The fifth and last match up was between the top 2 in Umehara (Ryu) and Fuudo (Fei Long). Umehara started with the advantage win and took the first game by a 2-0 score after a Shinkuu Hadouken finish, Fuudo also missed a couple DPs to give Daigo the upper hand. Fuudo took the next two games after returning the favor and taking advantage of a few Daigo misses to make things even at 2-2. In the next match, it looked liek it’d be all Daigo but Fuudo won the first round with no life. Daigo went on to win the next two rounds to have the 3-2 lead in the series. Umehara took the following game after a very nice comeback in the 2nd round to win it 2-0. Fuudo started to look more comfortable as he won the next two games against The Beast by 2-0 scores to tie things at 4-4. Daigo won the next game after a close last round to win it 2-1 and had the 5-4, but this was the turning point of the series as Fuudo would turn on his switch. Fuudo amazingly won the next 6 games in a row, against Daigo Umehara, a feat we rarely see happen against the God of 2D fighters. Although there were several close moments, Fuudo was definitely the better player in the second half of the match up as he finished with a final score of 10-5. Fuudo took the crown of the 2nd TOPANGA League A’s first place!

Final Standings

Fuudo: 5 – 0 (+30GD)

Umehara : 3 – 2 (+2GD)

Sako: 3 – 2 (-8GD)

Bon-chan: 2 – 3 (+1GD)

Kazunoko: 2 – 3 (+1GD)

Uryo: 0 – 5 (-26GD)


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