Jul 162013

During EVO 2013 the peak viewership occurred with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which had 144,000 concurrent viewers.  Super Street Fighter IV AE and Super Smash Bros. Melee both reaching past 120,000 concurrent viewers. Overall EVO 2013 had a record breaking year with 1.7 million people tuning in throughout the weekend.

In the venue itself, over 3,000 gamers attended EVO 2013 in Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, making it one of EVO’s largest events yet.

EVO 2013 Champions

  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - FS EMP|Flocker
  • Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 - DM MCZ Xian
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - CafeId|Knee
  • Mortal Kombat - Crazy DJT 88
  • Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 Edition - Infiltration
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee - Mango
  • The King of Fighters 13 - AS|Reynald
  • Persona 4 Arena - Yume
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us. - KDZ

A full list of results can be found on Evo.Shoryuken.

EVO 2013 Interviews

FS EMP|Flocker UMVC3 Champion interviewed by Tamriver Gaming (with winner pose)


DM MCZ Xian SSIV AE Champion interviewed by Gamespot

EVO 2013 VODs

For those looking for VODs you can watch them all on Twitch’s EVO 2013 hub that includes all three streams at http://www.twitch.tv/team/evo

Just looking for championship matches? Keep reading as we have EVO 2013 championship matches below:

Major Highlights

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The top 8 for Marvel was an assorted bunch of players with different teams and technologies, some from big teams and some independents. There was the defending EVO champion coL.FilipinoChamp, as well as the dreaded AGE.NYChrisG and the legendary EG.JustinWong. But it wasn’t just them who would go on to shine in this top 8 bracket.

Up first was Ranmasama against East Coast’s terror ChrisG, who showed off his patented Morrigan Soul Fist shenanigans. Ranmasam couldn’t find any answers against the dominant New Yorker and was soundly defeated.

ATX.Zack, who uses the same team as Cloud805, went up against FilipinoChamp, who opted to use his Phoenix team. Perhaps the NorCal player thought that it was enough to take care of business, ending with a 3-0 to send Zack home.

Then came the battle between two players who were raised in the East Coast scene, Justin Wong versus Christopher Gonzalez. It was neck-and-neck and the crowd was hyped to see someone finally deal with ChrisG’s “lame” style accordingly. Jwong did and got the win with 3-2 over ChrisG, who was sent packing.

It was then Cloud805 versus FilipinoChamp to see who goes home. With the same team that Zack used, Cloud’s technology seemed better and took it down to the wire against Fchamp’s famed Dormammu. Now tied 2-2 and seeing that his Dormammu is not providing adequate solutions, Fchamp opted to use his Phoenix team for the final round, but was still not enough to take on Cloud’s solid defense. FilipinoChamp was finally beaten and taken off the EVO throne.

After sending the former champion home, he had to deal with Justin Wong, who has been on the main stage many times since Marvel 2. That experience and skill showed as Justin beat Cloud convincingly with a 3-0.

For the winners’ finals, it was Empire Arcadia’s Flocker against Angelic to see who gets to the finals first. It wasn’t even close as it seemed like it was Flocker’s time, and the Shuma-Gorath hype train was put to a halt with an 0-3 derailment.

Angelic versus Justin Wong was up next for the losers’ finals. While he had gone this far with his unorthodox Shuma-Gorath team, he was up against an all-time great, and it showed. Justin had a better Wolverine, momentum, and greater tournament experience on his side as he finally sent Angelic home with a 3-0.

The grand finals is about Flocker’s power up for this event, and the Wong Factor. Two series were played, both of which were extremely close. Justin Wong showed yet again that he is the comeback kid as he soaked in the tension and reset the bracket with a 3-2 win. But it wasn’t over yet as he had to play another race to 3. However, with his solid Zero-Virgil-Hawkeye team, Flocker was able to overcome the longtime American great and finally win his first EVO title.

Flocker finally accomplishes the dream of winning an EVO. Justin Wong gets yet another runner-up finish, the first one being from Street Fighter X Tekken against Infiltration.


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver. 2012

The new Ultra Street Fighter IV had been announced, and it was time for the main event of the evening. It was time for the top 8 finals for SSF4 AE2012.

Four of the five “Gods of Japanese Fighting Games” were in the top 8, making up for a rare spectacle for the western fans present. It was them against the defending champion, the last American hope, a Taiwanese great, and Southeast Asia’s phenom.

First up was immediately a highlight match — losers’ bracket match between Daigo Umehara versus Infiltration. This matchup has become a bit of a rivalry, which culminated from the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament. But like in the grand finals of that event, Infiltration proceeded to dispatch The Beast with ruthless efficiency. Daigo was immediately eliminated in the first match of the final night, landing him in joint 7th place.

Next up was AverMedia’s GamerBee against Haitani, again in the losers’ bracket. While GamerBee’s Adon was as strong as ever, Haitani’s Makoto proved to be inspirational as he took out the Taiwanese fighting star from the tournament rather effortlessly.

Infiltration moves up to face the hermit warrior himself, HORI’s Sako, who opted to stick with Ibuki for this match and not use either his Cammy or Evil Ryu. The Korean technical wizard was able to topple the Japanese legend with a clinical display of brilliance.

Haitani versus PR Balrog was quite a walkover, to say the least. While Haitani had an easier time against GamerBee’s Adon, Rog’s Boxer with his trademark rushdown and good use of EX Headbutt was too much for the Japanese player.

Sako then had to face an equally unorthodox player in DM|MCZ Xian, the Gen player in the winners’ bracket. It was a back and forth affair, with Xian figuring out Sako’s Ibuki, who then changed to his Evil Ryu. However, Xian’s virtuoso skill was able to prevail and win the match with a close 3-2 score.

PR Rog then faced his first Akuma of the night in Tokido. Like when he played Infiltration in the previous day, he first went with his Fei Long, but was not able to overcome the vortex. He then switched to Boxer, but it seemed that Tokido was a different kind of Akuma than Infiltration and was able to dominate the Puerto Rican.

It was then EG PR Balrog against Infiltration in a rematch from the previous day for the losers’ semifinal. PR Rog had sent Infiltration to the losers’ bracket and is looking to do the same again. After the series went 2-1 in favor of the Boxer player, Infiltration did the unthinkable and chose Hakan, who is a direct counter to Boxer. Showing that AE is truly a balanced game once again, Infiltration was able to catch up and take his revenge over PR Rog.

Teammates Tokido and Xian were up next. It just seemed that Xian had Tokido’s number as he deathtouched and bicycle kicked his way to a 3-1 win.

In the losers’ final, it was Infiltration versus Tokido in an Akuma mirror match. Unfortunately for the Korean, he was not taking out this Japanese God as Tokido gave him a lesson in vortex play and beat him to qualify for the finals.

So it was an all MadCatz final with Tokido against Xian for the second time of the night. It seemed that right from the get-go, the Singaporean had it in the bag as his Gen was too much for the Japanese. If Tokido was able to get a 3, it would only reset the series as Xian was the one who sent him to the losers’ bracket.

The phenomenal Xian becomes this year’s EVO champion with the character most people thought to be too complicated to win a tournament, Gen.


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