FPS Guide


A guide to FPS (First Person Shooter) Gaming. This guide covers reaction time, equipment and tips you need to start your killing spree.


Reaction time

A big part of FPS games is your reaction time. Often players come into view of each other the same moment and the winner is often the player who is able to aim and shoot first. There is a game to measure your reaction time here I suggest you play it and focus on improving your reaction time because its a huge part to succeed at an FPS gaming.

If you go to a FPS tournament you can see many players guzzling energy drinks, pop and coffee. They do this to improve reaction time and to keep themselves alert through long periods of game play. This is unhealthy and can put your body under more stress. To improve your reaction you can eat healthy, sleep and exercise regularly.



FPS games require the following:

Headset (also Ventrillo or Team Speak software if not/poorly supported in game)

No matter what type of microphone/headset you choose you need to do one of two things:

A) Set up a hot key for talking in the game that is not used for anything else

B) Have your headset on all the time

B is the easier and you won’t have to press an extra key if you have something urgent to say. However make sure your microphone is set up so people DO NOT HEAR YOU BREATHING. Test your microphone before playing.



Field of Vision (FoV) bigger is better. The larger your monitor is the more you can see. Larger monitors give significant advantages in FPS. There is a great forum specifically dedicated to PC games and field of view using wide screen monitors you can view here.



Crunch, crunch, crunch slice. That was someone sneaking up and knifing you in the back. You heard the crunching so why didn’t you turn around to shoot? Well you turned left when they approached on your right. How can you prevent this? Surround sound.



Thinking what mouse why does there need to be a section on this? Well this might be true for the casual gamer but for the pro gamer there are a large variety of mice to choose from. A new style that is out isn’t really a mouse at all. It is actually a USB device that shares more characteristics with a gun then a mouse. They call them FPS Guns. What are the advantages? Why should you consider a FPS Gun instead of a regular mouse? Well first you don’t click a mouse you pull a trigger. More importantly its design has the optical device further out. This is important because it allows to you turn your character in game more with a smaller motion of the hand as this diagram below shows:


For those of you who prefer a more hands on example take your index finger place it on the center of your mouse then without moving your wrist move your finger left and right. Now placing your hand normally on the mouse again without moving your wrist move your hand back and forth. You should notice the mouse moves further across the screen when you used your index finger, this is what the difference is between a standard mouse and a fps gun mouse. Also if you don’t want to have a gun mouse or even if you do always make sure to change the sensitivity in game to your preferences. You will want to get used to using the same values for all FPS games you play and really get used to your settings and mouse type. If you do not set your mouse sensitive enough you could have to lift the mouse to turn around fully getting you killed. Also if its too sensitive you will find yourself unable to aim at smaller objects. Choosing a mouse and the settings you want to use is one of the most important aspects of FPS gaming so choose the settings you like then stick to them.


Mouse and Keyboard

Many gamers use wireless keyboard and mouse because it is easier and more comfortable. If its an important match make sure the batteries your using are fully charged. Keep 2 spare sets of batteries nearby at all times. If you have two sets you will be prepared if either or both the mouse and keyboard die. It will probably get you killed but in the 5-10 seconds during re-spawn you should be able to take off the case pop out the batteries put the new ones in and put the case back on. While you may die you won’t have to look around for batteries while your team loses the match. There are wireless gaming devices that do compete wired made by Razer and other gaming companies. Many have the same 1ms polling time of their wired counterparts.

Many LANs require wired keyboard/mouse. Other gamers may be using the same brand equipment creating interference with your keyboard/mouse. Wired mechanical keyboards and a wired mouse are recommended and often required for LANs. There is also the benefit of no batteries. It is very important if traveling to a LAN to use carry on for your gaming equipment. It is not uncommon for luggage to get lost or damage.


Why Pro Gamers Use Wired Keyboard and Mouse

Professional gamers choose to use wired keyboard and mice. Although there is some gaming equipment that can keep up with the worlds top gamers they still prefer to use wired.

With the keyboard their can be lag. Most professional gamers use a wired mechanical keyboard with a wired mouse. Looking at Razer one of the most popular gaming equipment manufacturers they do sell some wireless equipment but even those have a wired option. In addition to better performance wired keyboard and mice won’t cause issues at LANs. Large LANs can involve thousands of computers setup at a single location and if the person beside you uses the same brand of mouse or keyboard it can cause conflicts. Also with so many electronic devices in the area it is possible that the noise will cause issues.

Professional gamers use wired mice and keyboards. They perform 100% all the time and there is no worries of batteries dieing, interfering devices or lag.


Knowledge of the Game

No matter what FPS game you choose to be good at it their certain things you will want to know. Most importantly is the map layout. If you are going to be playing in a FPS tournament you will want to have the map(s) memorized. There is no way to win when you do not know that the rocks above you have a path leading up them and the enemy is now standing over you dropping a grenade. All FPS games are different but some ways to learn about the maps are:

Map editor, you don’t have to edit the map but if you can open it in an editor you can look through the entire map and see everything.

If map editor is not available you can try to make an empty game in that map so you can run around and see what you can get to.

If you are unable to make an empty game offline or online get a few friends together and just run around looking for all the ways you can travel through the map.

If you want to play FPS games competitively make sure you know everything about the maps otherwise expect to be knifed.