Becoming a Pro Gamer



Gaming isn’t just a hobby, it provides you with a platform to hone your skills and earn yourself cash prizes, salaries and sponsorships as a pro gamer.

Pro Gaming Tours presents the five step guide to going pro. The five steps are:

  1. Choosing an eSport
  2. Computer hardware
  3. Finding the right team
  4. Practice
  5. Keeping up with eSports

Below is an overview of each step this guide will cover:


Choosing an eSport

Choosing an eSport is the first and most important step as it will determine your career. Moving from game to game in a single genre is easy enough but switching between genres sets you back. Take some time to try as many games as you can, watch videos, read guides and check out eSport rankings.


Computer Hardware

You aren’t going to get a sponsor as a newbie. You will have to buy your first computer and all related gaming hardware. With this step, you shall learn about the gear needed for eSports.


Finding a Team

Teams are incredibly important and having a community to support you will make going pro much easier and more enjoyable. Teams/Clans can do much more than simply play on your team. They help you practice strategies without affecting your ladder rank.



Once you have a team you need to practice, practice and practice. Being a professional gamer doesn’t mean just playing the game all the time. You need to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Energy drinks and coffee may work in emergencies but if you become dependent on them, you will never reach your full potential. The average gamer spends 20 hours a week gaming but as a pro, you need to do more. Anyone can spend 40 or 60 hours a week gaming. Learn how to use your time wisely and improve faster.


Keeping up with eSports

The final step is keeping up with eSports. If you don’t know about a tournament, you could miss learning from others’ mistakes. Also, there can be variants of the same eSport which can appear and replace the other based on popularity and tournament scene. For example, the DotA 2 vs. HoN vs. LoL situation. You need to keep track of all the important information so you never miss out on making money.

Know your competition. Learn from the existing pro gamers, what works for them and what strategies they use. This final step covers the best eSport information sources.

To make some serious money via professional gaming, you will have to take down the top gamers in the world. Tournaments might have a $1,500,000 USD prize pool but with large tournaments, winners often get more than half leaving the second place one quarter of that. Advertisers want headlines and the larger the first place prize, the bigger the headlines. If you want to make eSports your career, aim to be the best.

For the first time in history, eSports have begun to pay out millions of dollars a year in salaries, prizes and sponsorships. If you want to make a living and possibly millions of dollars from eSports, continue reading.

Choosing an eSport