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With patch 3.15 the champion Yasuo a new AP carry will be joining the field of battle. Patch 3.15 Yasuo the Unforgiven   Patch 3.15 Notes   Matchmaking “Back in Patch 3.13, we made some changes to let us more dynamically turn on “Loss Prevented” mode for servers with hardware/connection issues. Unfortunately, there was a bug [...]

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The League of Legends patch 3.14 released November 22nd has remade the masteries, trinkets, a new game mode “One for All” as well with many more changes. Logging in after patch 3.14 is you will have to create new masteries, which is where we begin this patch analysis. The first change is that summoner buffs [...]

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Missed out on the latest happenings in the League of Legends scene in October? Here’s our round-up of headlines, roster changes, interviews and tournament results for League of Legends.   League of Legends October Headlines   League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Season 3 World Championships recently concluded and if you missed it all, [...]

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The long and awaited Pre-Season 4 is now upon us. Find out what changes are coming with the new season.Ranked queues are disabled for while Riot gives out season 3 awards. In case you missed the rewards, they are: Bronze or higher Summoner icon that displayers accomplishments (different icon for each tier). Silver or higher [...]