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The Electronic Sports World Cup 2013 has begun. DotA 2, Counter Strike, Black Ops, ShootMania, TrackMania 2 Stadium and Fifa all make an appearance.   ESWC 2013 finals is taking place during the Paris Games Week between October 30th to November 3rd, 2013 at Paris Expo, France. Overall the event has $111,000 USD in prizes will be [...]

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The groups and prize pool distribution of OGN Invitational Super Match have been revealed. The tournament begins today with the first match Fnatic vs Team Liquid. The OGN Nexon Invitational Super Match consists of four groups with three teams in each. For the next four weeks each week teams will win  cash prize for their [...]

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Missed out on the latest happenings in the DotA 2 scene in September? Here’s our round-up of headlines, roster changes, interviews and tournament results for DotA 2. DotA 2 September Headlines   DotA 2 TI3 Playoff Bracket With Replays, VODs and Scores The International 3 replays, VODs and scores all in one place. View games [...]

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As ‘LD’ said on his facebook account:  ”This is one of the biggest patches I’ve ever seen in my 9+ years of playing Dota” And indeed it is! This update will bring really big changes to the competitive scene, as well as bringing big changes to some of the heroes. The neutral camps will be changed [...]