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After the dramatic exit of their Captain, Team Liquid has had a flurry of dismal performances. However, the team seems to have found its rhythm and a new player to replace Fluffnstuff. Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho has been inducted among the ranks of Team Liquid’s Dota 2 division. After appearing as a Stand-in for different teams [...]

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The third $300 prize monthly tournament of the PGT 2014 league is taking place on April 25th and 26th.  Our March ticket bundled with Spring Essence sold 550 times with our share raising the prize pool $500 to the $3,500 it now sits. Thank you to those who purchased their ticket and supported our league [...]

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The PGTL NA Dota 2 March tournament playoff took place March 21st to 23rd. 14 Teams competed in PGTL March to determine who would take the $300 winner take all prize and two qualifier spots to the PGTL 2014 grand finals with $3,000+ prize pool. The March tournament commentated by GrandisV and Toffees sold 500 ticket [...]