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Apr 062014

The third $300 prize monthly tournament of the PGT 2014 league is taking place on April 25th and 26th. 

Our March ticket bundled with Spring Essence sold 550 times with our share raising the prize pool $500 to the $3,500 it now sits. Thank you to those who purchased their ticket and supported our league and the teams who play in it. You can read more about our March tournament here.


Our April ticket will be in stores later this month with all proceeds going to the year end grand finals currently at $3,500 USD. We have designed the ticket with Earth Spirit because its April is the month of Earth Day, it’s spring and the winner of the March tournament was NO Earthspirit.

The April tournament with $300 winner take all prize has free registration open until April 24th. To register follow the instructions on the PGTL April tournament page. Once your team is signed up you will be required to play in a qualifier match prior to the 16 team single elimination playoff bracket on April 25th and 26th.

PGTL April Schedule

The April tournament will be two days instead of three like February and March were. Here is the schedule for the playoff bracket:

Friday April 25th

  • Round of 16 – 10AM EDT to 10PM EDT

Saturday April 26th

  • Round of 8 – 9AM EDT to 1PM EDT
  • Round of 4 (Semi Finals) – 1PM EDT to 4PM EDT
  • Finals – 4PM EDT to 7PM EDT

The exact times and matchups will be determined closer to the tournament. All playoff games will be on the ticket and the Pro Gaming Tours League live stream.


PGTL April Bracket

NO Earthspirit and Bag of Chips Pepproni enter the playoff directly for winning the March tournament. Other teams including Cede Nullis and Rare Candy are currently in qualifiers. The bracket will be updated as qualifiers progress throughout April.

Follow the tournament from qualifiers to finals on the PGTL April tournament page.

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