Recertification: Continuing Education

Recertification of an individual’s specialty through maintenance of continuing education requirements assists the professional to remain current in his/her field and aware of recent development in research, theory, and practice of the specialty! Renewal of the certification indicates a participation or adherence to expected levels of standards of professional growth standards within the field. Recertification shows:

* a commitment to your specialty
* adds credibility to your profession
* reflects awareness of current trends/research in your field
* improves your knowledge and skills within your chosen specialty

Recertification may be achieved through one of three methods:

1. Continuing Education
a. Complete 18 contact hours of recognized approved continuing education over the three year renewal period.
2. Healthy Dimensions Continuing Education Renewal Packet
a. Complete the Healthy Renewal Packet equivalent to 18 contact hours of continuing education
3. Re-examination
a. Recertification exams are offered throughout the year at the same time and location as the certification exam. The schedule for the exams is included with the application. Request for the recertification exam must be made prior to the end of the applicant’s renewal period.

Application Process
Healthy Dimensions will notify the recertification applicant approximately three months prior to the renewal date. The applicant will submit the application form along with the related fees and select the method in which he/she chooses to recertify. In order to maintain certification, the applicant must fulfill all the requirements for the specific recertification and submit all the required materials to Healthy Dimensions by the end of the renewal period. A copy of the completed paperwork should be made and kept by the applicant.

Acceptable Continuing Education Credit
For renewal, the applicant must complete 18 hours of continuing education related to childbirth education, women’s health, infant care, or maternity fitness within the previous three years. The content shall reflect the educational needs of the applicant as well as be related to the theoretical, scientific, and practical knowledge and skills related to the applicant’s profession. At least twelve hours must be in the form of continuing education activities offered by approved providers (i.e. seminar, conference, home-study, on-line education, workshop). The remaining six hours may come from lecture/presentation, observation of or participation in birth, observation of or by another CCE or publication.

* An applicant who develops or teaches an approved course may receive the same amount of credit as a participant who attends the course; content must be related to same acceptable content as identified above and applicant may claim credit for the presentation only once (submission of the course outline is necessary).
* Observation of or participation in the birth experience may be claimed as credit as long as there is a signed letter of proof attached (each hour of observation is equivalent to one hour of credit).
* Observation of another childbirth educator’s class and/or observation by another CBE of applicant’s class is acceptable as long as there is a signed letter of proof of observation. Additionally, an evaluation/critique form of the childbirth educator must be attached (one hour of observation is equivalent to each hour of credit).
* An applicant who publishes a journal article, book, chapter in a book, may claim credit for work related to the acceptable continuing education identified above (one contact hour is accepted for articles; five contact hours for a book – some credit for publications may be considered on an individual basis).
* As the educator’s primary role is teaching, it is important that this process be maintained during the period of certification. Therefore, credit is given for teaching consistently throughout the three year period. For every childbirth education or pre and postnatal fitness series (8-12 hours of class) that are taught, two contact hours will be awarded; a signed form of teaching verification by the director of the program must accompany the application.

Filing Deadline:

* Applicant will maintain all records pertaining to course participation
* records may be submitted at any time during the renewal period; however, applications for recertification will not be processed until the end of the renewal period
* Applications for recertification must be received no later than the last day of the month of renewal
* If applicant selects recertification by re-examination, the recertification request must be received prior to the end of the renewal period. Re-examination is offered at various times throughout the year and applicant must register for one of these dates prior to the end of the renewal period.
* As long as all related paperwork and fees are received prior to the end of the applicant’s renewal period, the information will be processed and a new certification card will be issued within six weeks.

Expired Certification:
Requests for certification following the renewal period will be assessed a late fee of $25 and 6 contact hours of continuing education/year will be required.

Reciprocal Recertification – current certification
A childbirth educator previously certified by another organization may request reciprocity through Healthy Dimensions. Recertification may be granted following a review of the following completed information:

1. Recertification application with associated fees
2. Submission of required continuing education credit or…
3. Successful completion of Recertification packet.
4. Successful score of 80% or greater on the recertification exam
5. Proof of recent childbirth education instruction
6. Proof of observation/participation in at least two births in the previous three years
7. Evaluation/critique following observation of a CBE, and evaluation/critique of another CBE observing you
8. Certificate of successful completion of childbirth education program (current) offered through other organization

Reciprocal Recertification – expired certification
A childbirth educator previously certified by another organization (but whose certification has expired) may request reciprocity through Healthy Dimensions. Recertification may be granted following a review of the following completed information:

* All of the above
* Submission of completion of 18 contact hours of related continuing education for every 3 years since certification has lapsed.