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In 2013 League of Legends was the 2nd most profitable f2p game with $600 million USD in revenue. League of Legends has grown incredibly in 2013 and has become one of the most successful games and eSports in the world. Here is a list of Riot’s League of Legends achievements in 2013: Total revenue of [...]

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A look at the best paying eSports of 2013, over $15,000,000 USD in tournament prizes.  2013 Best Paying eSports Infographic   The infographic speaks for itself. To learn more, check out the eSport rankings, 2012 best paying eSports and 2011 best paying eSports. Keep up with the latest eSport tournaments by watching the tournament listings. [...]

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The first League of Legends patch of 2014 has been released. This patch contains champion and item changes but no reset for the 2014 season. Annie stun will lose 0.5 seconds at level 1 to scale up as she levels. Riven will suffer many nerfs to scale down carry potential.  The League of Legends patch [...]

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With patch 3.15 the champion Yasuo a new AP carry will be joining the field of battle. Patch 3.15 Yasuo the Unforgiven   Patch 3.15 Notes   Matchmaking “Back in Patch 3.13, we made some changes to let us more dynamically turn on “Loss Prevented” mode for servers with hardware/connection issues. Unfortunately, there was a bug [...]