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StarCraft II returned to Katowice, Poland for three whole days to hold the World Championships for IEM Season VIII. This time around, there was a lot more at stake. The winner of the whole tournament stood to take the entire $100,000 prize pool home, which meant that there was bound to be more cutthroat StarCraft [...]

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A look at the best paying eSports of 2013, over $15,000,000 USD in tournament prizes.  2013 Best Paying eSports Infographic   The infographic speaks for itself. To learn more, check out the eSport rankings, 2012 best paying eSports and 2011 best paying eSports. Keep up with the latest eSport tournaments by watching the tournament listings. [...]

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Looking back at the previous year, most of the big moves and moments happened during the summer and fall seasons, wherein new strategies and solutions came about in the World Championship Series and other premier tournaments. Some of them were derived from old builds, while others introduced new ways of playing in their respective matchups. [...]

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GOMTV announces the GOM eXP Creative Challenge (GCC) a challenge to gaming content creators announced on their new GOMeXP website with $5,000 first place prize. GOMTV, a South Korea based organization most active in the StarCraft community has launched GOM eXP which will specialize as an eSports and Game Contents Experts Group. The GOM eXP website [...]