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After his brief stint with James “2GD” Harding’s Dota 2 team Qpad Red Pandas, Kyeong Hyun “SeleCT” Ryooto has rejoined his old team Dignitas’ Starcraft 2 roster. The terran after trying his hand at Dota 2 in his 6 month hiatus from his staple eSport seems to have missed his favorite eSport which consequently motivated [...]

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The third major DreamHack event of the year landed in Spain for two whole days of eSports action. For StarCraft II, upsets and surprises were abound as some of the world’s best battled for supremacy in DreamHack Open: Valencia The top 4 would get a direct seed into DreamHack Open: Winter. This is also a [...]

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This guide has three parts: Terran builds, Zerg builds and Protoss builds top builds of 2013 so far. Each section contains all three race matchups meaning the Zerg guide contains ZvZ, ZvP, ZvT builds and the same for goes for Protoss and Terran guides. Click on one of the three races banners below to get [...]

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It may be a little late, quite a while since the top HotS Terran builds for Spring 2013 but there is still much time to look back on the Protoss during the first months of Heart of the Swarm. They had seen much development during the end of Wings of Liberty, and it seems that [...]