Ciprofloxacin is a second generation drug being a potent remedy for treating bacterial infections in humans. The remedy is commonly marketed under its trade name Cipro being the same medication. The pills perform a wide bacterial coverage meaning that most types of bacteria are susceptible to the remedy action and thus the infections they cause are easily cleared out from the body with a complete course of Ciprofloxacin.However what information should you consider before you will buy Ciprofloxacin and take your first pill?
You physician after testing and examining your health condition and prior to prescribing you the medication should warn you on possible consequences, check put the contraindications list and consult you on possible side effects. You should also warn your doctor on all the chronic diseases you are suffering from, surgeries and severe diseases you have recently suffered and all the medications you are taking constantly or occasionally as Ciprofloxacin is known to worsen some health conditions and symptoms of some diseases, also to interact with other remedies performing severe body response to the interaction. To avoid the consequences it is better for you to check the contraindications and precautions list for Ciprofloxacin.
When Ciprofloxacin is impossible?
There are some cases when treatment with Ciprofloxacin is impossible. These cases encompass a personal intolerance to the drug and drug components, chronic diseases and other medication you should take constantly to fight the symptoms of your chronic diseases.
If you have never noticed the signs of personal intolerance for any remedies in your body and have seen some allergic presentations which can be associated only with Ciprofloxacin intake, you should immediately warn your doctor on these conditions and get another medication to treat the infection. Note that the treatment of any infection should not be interrupted or stopped in any way as the infection in the body may grow resistible to the drug action and turn it ineffective.
The diseases which prevent you from being treated with Ciprofloxacin.
You should not buy Ciprofloxacin and take the remedy if you are having myasthenia gravis, suffer from heart rhythm disorders, liver and kidney dysfunction and diseases, epilepsy, diabetes and asthma. You should warn your doctor and avoid taking Ciprofloxacin if you have prior suffered from brain tumors and have a history of Long QT syndrome.
Cirpofloxacin performs a severe interaction with other remedies. You should avoid taking the remedy if you must constantly take blood thinners, steroid medications and some anti-inflammatory drugs. Consult with your physician on the complete list of contraindications and remedies you should avoid while being treated with Ciprofloxacin.
Do not start other remedies intake straight after Ciprofloxacin course completion. The remedy needs a certain period depending on the length of treatment to be cleared out from the body and thus perform no reaction of interaction.


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